Real Change Manifesto
Real Change Manifesto
Change challenges for people, systems and organizations, increasingly become more sizeable, complex, dynamic, varied and swift.

This implies that in our practices for developing and changing people, systems and organizations we must make a predominance swap*3 from managing Ideal Change*1 towards understanding and instigating Real Change *2, if at least we want to continue to provide for desired outcomes in lives, companies, markets, sectors, industries and societies.

Becoming able to understand and instigate Real Change is now possible since we have the unique method of Polarism *.
We develop Your Smart Insights Program through which professionals co-create and obtain the expertise for understanding and instigating Real Change. With this expertise they can enhance their professional practice and service client, business and organization on Real Change initiatives
  •  Smart Insights. Your Smart Insights Program aligns on the process of insight acquisition, since solely through this Real Change process we become able to understand and instigate any Real Change process and phenomenon. 
  •  Polarism. The method we co-create and apply is Polarism. Polarism is the specific and unique method with which we can make Real Change phenomena arise. We develop and apply the mindset, toolset and skillset of this knowledge discipline. 
  •  Expertise. We harvest and co-create the expertise. We collaboratively apply the expertise while developing Real Change initiatives. 
  •  Community. We develop the community. Online and offline we participate in events for education, collaboration, co-creation. We celebrate our progress and successes. 
  •  Knowledge base. We gradually and steadily expand the joint knowledge base. We share the knowledge on our online platform. 
  •  Journey. We build on an educational and collaborative journey of courses and trainings along plateaus of development. 
Consequently, with Your Smart Insights Program we help us to:
move away from systems and organizations that outpace humanity
move towards systems and organizations for live and the living.
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*1 ‘Ideal Change’ shows the mindset we adopt when we plan, design and budget a change upfront. We build on an ideal image of how people, an organization or a system should act before we execute on that preconceived change. It is about state-change. Preconceive current and future states. Frame the actual change as ‘the magic’ that happens in between. Ideal Change is successful on small scales with short time frames and conditions that are simple, static and similar as before.
*2 ‘Real Change’ shows the mindset we adopt when we want to understand and instigate changes that are happening inevitably, immanently and presently. These changes occur in people, in organizations and in systems, no matter what. They are natural and real. Real change is about how organisms change. How they grow, adapt, reproduce, evolve. Real Change is successful on large scales with long time frames and conditions that are sizeable, complex, dynamic, varied and need swift response.
*3 A ‘predominance swap’ is a term from Polarism. It means, in a balanced situation both sides of the balance continue to apply. However, a swap occurs. Where previously side A predominated side B, afterwards side B predominates side A. Here it means a shift from a situation where ideal change initiatives predominate over real change initiatives and circumstances towards a situation where real change initiatives predominate over ideal change initiatives and circumstances. Both kinds of change initiatives continue to apply. However, one apparently more than the other.

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